Thursday, September 6, 2007

Making the Sausage Rolls

As I have said, I like to make and grind my own meats and spice them to my favorite sausage spice recipes. Commercially prepared breakfast sausage makes a fine Sausage Fattie, but it's never quite as good or satisfying as sausage you make up yourself.

I will provide a link to my Home Sausage Maker web site at the end of this tutorial that has complete information for making and grinding sausage, step-by-step! The difference is that we do not need to pack the sausage in casings for the Sausage Fatties, but simply grind and shape into a roll.

Commercially produced breakfast sausage comes packaged in one pound rolls. We will follow that lead here, weighing out the freshly ground sausage in one pound increments. As you can tell, I like my sausage coarsely ground. You may grind it a second time if you prefer, or use a smaller grind plate in your grinder. Isn't it nice to be able to customize your sausage to suite you own requirements?

After the sausage us ground, simply form into rolls, and package for refrigeration. I like to use the Food Saver machine to vacumn pack the meat for safety and cleanliness. Be sure to mark each package before you refrigerate. It takes only a minute, and eliminates any confusion about what's in the package as well as when it was packaged.

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