Saturday, September 8, 2007

Let's Get Started!

First of all, I'm glad you found my site with information about making and grilling Sausage Fatties. Thanks for the visit, and I hope you take away some good information on how to make your own delicious Sausage Fatties.

On the odd chance that you arrived here and don't know what a Sausage Fattie is, here's a bit of history and explaination. Some enterprising BBQ or Outdoor grilling cook came up with the idea of buying a commercially produced breakfast sausage log, placing it whole on the outdoor grill, and slow grilling it to a safe internal temperature. Whatever could be simpler? Just remove the plastic wrap and place it on the grill. It makes a delicious smoked/grilled sausage log. Not to be outdone, someone else decided to roll the raw log on dry spice rubs of various kinds, such as steak rubs to impart even more flavor. This usually produces a sausage log with a very nice flavorful outside crust. Well, if we can spice up the outside, why not stuff the log with all manner of goodies, mushrooms, onions, peppers, you get the idea. Oh, and despite the name, after the sausage log is fully cooked, and the fat content has bound the meat, and the result is no more fatty than any other prepared sausage.

Very simple! You could stop now, and take the above idea away with no further need of information and amaze your dinner guests with your new culinary skill.

But, I can never leave a good idea alone, so I am here to present some additional information and some detailed pictorial steps. Mainly, after making my own sausage, I'm just not satisfied with commercially produced sausage anymore. I like to actually know what meats go into my sausage, the approximate fat content, and I like to experiment with different spices and flavors. So that's the reason for producing the Home Sausage Fattie Maker web site.

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